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Apron production
- May 03, 2018 -

1. Material: A used shirt.

2. Cut off the collar. The left and right buckled parts must also be cut off.

3. Ironing and shearing collar. Turn over the iron and let the old side be inside.

4. Others are also well-ironed.

5. Fold your back half and draw a line like this on one side. Afterwards, cut off the extra parts around the line 1CM. (In the folded state, the next cut)

6. After the cut, it looks like it expands.

7. Sew the newly cut place.

8. Cut the two buckled parts into the same wide strips and sew the edges.

9. Pin the unbuttoned corner of the collar and the right corner of the back corner of the 6 and nail it with the buttons.

10. Sew the button directly to the back of the person on the left side.

11. Use the original buttonhole on the left side of the collar to fasten the button on the 10 nails.

12. Sew the 2 strips in 7 to the left and right sides of the big body.

13. Sew your pocket.