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Basic introduction of apron
- May 03, 2018 -

Tibetan is called "help list." It is a living item that Tibetan women like very much and it is also a symbol of Tibetan women. The apron is made of colored enamel, and red, green, sky blue, lemon yellow, purple, white and other color strips are regularly intricately connected, showing luster. Aprons are mostly laced by married women, and slowly young unmarried women also like to bring them. Festive celebrations, women's waist aprons, singing and dancing, such as flowers in general, colorful, colorful. Aprons are mainly produced in Lhasa, Shigatse, Shannan, Yiwu and other places, especially the aprons produced in the Dexiu District of Gongga County. The sister Dexiu District has a good name for "hometown of aprons."

Tibetan blankets, top grades made of yak and velvet; white or flower color, made from sheep fine wool; black and white or colored patterns, woven with ordinary wool yarn and yak yarn or woven with pure wool thread Under the goods. The Tibetan blankets are durable, warm and moisture-proof, and easy to carry. The vast numbers of people, especially farmers and herdsmen, use them as bedding.

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