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Storage of tents
- May 03, 2018 -

1. After the tent is in use, in addition to cleaning the dust and attachments in time, the moisture on both sides of the fabric should also be wiped off, and after the tent is completely dried, it should be folded and stored. If not stored completely dry, it is easy to make the fabric mildew and adhesion problems. Affect the life of the tent!

2. After the tent is completely dry, folded and stored, try not to press other items on the tent so as not to cause permanent fatigue and degumming of the waterproof strip material.

3, regular or irregular out of the tent to cool out of the sun (to avoid direct sunlight) for a long time, rearranged and then folded and stored, this has the advantage is to prevent the tent fabric mildew and adhesion, but also to make the tent bent waterproof Pressure strips do not produce permanent fatigue, extending the overall life of the tent.

4. After the tent is cleaned up, it is not advisable to use the original storage bag for compact storage.