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The history of raincoats
- May 03, 2018 -

In 1747, the French engineer François Freno produced the world’s earliest raincoat. He used latex from rubber wood and put it in the latex solution after dipping. To the effect of waterproofing.

In a rubber factory in Scotland, England, there is a worker named McIndus. One day in 1823, McIndusts accidentally dropped a rubber solution onto his clothes while working. After he discovered it, he quickly wiped it with his hands. Who knows that this rubber solution seems to have penetrated into the clothes. Not only has it not been rubbed off, it has instead been painted. However, McIntus was a poor worker, he could not bear to discard this dress, so he still wears it to work.

Soon after, McIndus discovered that the place where the rubber was painted on the clothes was like a layer of waterproof glue. Although it looked ugly, it was impermeable. He took the initiative and simply painted the whole piece of rubber, resulting in a piece of clothing that could withstand rain.