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Waterproof apron cleaning
- May 03, 2018 -

1, usually wash can be hand-washed, machine washable, use alkaline detergent;

2, washing temperature depending on the color of cotton cloth, usually the best water temperature is 40 ~ 50 °C, bright colors or dark products, water temperature should not be too high, too high, aprons are easy to wrinkle, washing time should not be too long to avoid fading. White sweat-free cotton cloth can be washed. Perspiration-contaminated cotton products are not easy to wash at high temperatures to prevent the protein in the perspiration from freezing and sticking to the fibers, resulting in yellow spots;

3. If the waterproof apron is stained with paint, it must be rubbed with kerosene or turpentine until the stain is removed.

4. Airproof apron in the shade and ventilated place should not be exposed to the sun;

5, in the ironing waterproof apron, may be appropriate to spray wet, so that it is easier to ironing.