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Gift Umbrella Benefits
- May 03, 2018 -

1. The advertising effect is good: where the umbrella is taken, where the advertisement goes, the advertisement spreads widely, and it is not afraid of attracting the eyeball. Not only does it use umbrellas in rainy weather, but also in the sunny days, the use of umbrellas and all-weather advertising benefits.

2, low input costs: the cost of the umbrella itself is low, a beautiful gift umbrella only about 20-30 yuan, companies or customers can generally use more than a year. 3, practicality: cover the wind and shelter from the rain, sun shade, whether it is the city or the farm, adults or children, must use umbrellas, is the essential home travel products.

4, long advertising time: gift umbrella long life! Unless bad or obsolete, the advertising role of the gift umbrella fails.

5, beautiful appearance: umbrella cloth with bright colors, beautiful designs, and even can be a love of the works of art.