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Handle Umbrella Folding
- May 03, 2018 -

In general, the number of umbrellas in the umbrella market is divided into four categories: straight umbrellas (one fold), two (two) umbrellas, three fold umbrellas, and five fold umbrellas. The so-called several fold umbrella means that the skeleton (keel) of the umbrella can be folded several times. For example, a two-fold umbrella means that the umbrella frame can be folded twice.

First of all, a straight umbrella or an umbrella. The majority of umbrellas are mainly rain and rain. Each umbrella manufacturer has almost produced such straight umbrellas. The advantage is that the ribs are generally steel frames, strong and durable, the elderly can also be used as crutches. The disadvantage is that it is longer and it is generally not very convenient to carry and take up space.

Next, introduce two fold umbrellas. This discount is generally more high-end umbrellas, umbrellas. Children's shoes that are familiar with parasols may all know that two-fold umbrellas are generally more expensive. This is because they generally have a stable skeleton design, and the fabrics are mostly embroidered, imported color tapes, etc., together with exquisitely designed workmanship, so the price is positioned in the middle and high grades. The main advantages: the quality does not have to say, the design is very beautiful, easy to carry, windproof sunscreen effect is very good. Disadvantages: A little bit more than a 50 percent discount and a 30 percent umbrella weight (perhaps not a disadvantage).

Then introduce the three fold umbrella. These three-fold umbrellas are widely distributed. Generally, most umbrellas and parasols are designed in this way. No, you can take your umbrella and check it out. Mostly tri-fold. It should be said that this is a comparatively modest design and it is unassuming and low-key. From the perspective of texture, use, etc. are relatively modest design. Good quality, long service life, good sun protection and wind resistance, moderate weight, moderate length. The whole is moderate, and it is a more popular and practical design concept.