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Umbrella Construction
- May 03, 2018 -

The structure of the umbrella includes umbrella handles, ribs, umbrellas and umbrella covers. The umbrella handle is the main skeleton of the umbrella and supports the entire umbrella. It is mainly made of wood, bamboo, metal and other materials. The umbrella cantilever supports the entire canopy. It can be folded and opened to facilitate carrying. Umbrella is the most important part of the umbrella and is responsible for sheltering the rain. The materials include plastic sheeting, tarpaulin, silk cloth, and durable nylon cloth. After the umbrella is used, the umbrella cover re-adjusts the umbrella. Loss, at the same time in the in and out of the bus and shopping malls and other umbrellas into umbrella sets, you can reduce the dripping to the ground, play a role as a civilized umbrella, the latest design structure is umbrella umbrella and umbrella self-integrated, so as to prevent the loss of umbrella sets.