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Umbrella Development History
- May 03, 2018 -

In 1100 BC, the Chinese had already used umbrellas. At that time, they had used umbrellas to indicate their status. The ribs are made of bamboo or sandalwood and covered with umbrellas made of leaves or feathers. The word "Umbrella" appeared in English in the 12th century AD. Europe used to have only parasols. By 1733, Parisians used tarpaulin as an umbrella to make umbrellas. In 1750, Britain’s Hanwei took an umbrella back to London after a trip to a foreign country, causing a sensation. In 1874, the metal wire-worker Hawkes in the Dyka region near Cheyuechi obtained the patent for the curved steel rib. With this umbrella, the umbrella can be tightened and has since become a common rain gear for British gentlemen. In 1930 Berliner Haupt invented the umbrella. It is also said in the academic community that Chinese talents invented umbrellas in the fourth and fourth century AD.