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Umbrella Invention
- May 03, 2018 -

4,000 years ago, a child had a big lotus leaf on top of his head and walked in rain. Raindrops rolled down from the convex lotus leaf, which inspired people to invent the umbrella. The lotus leaf on top of the head may cause people to be inspired and create an umbrella. However, it may also be that the child mimics the childlike innocence of an adult wearing a head lice. There is not much difference between horses and horses. Even if we take a step back, the revelation of the lotus leaf in the head is reasonable, but where does "4000 years ago" come from?

In fact, there are various folk tales about the invention of umbrellas. Whether it is a wide-ranging and well-documented or a superb "Lupan Pioneer." Luban is said to be working for the people in the countryside. Yunfu’s Yun’s meal is sent back and forth every day. When she encounters the rainy season, she often drips. Luban designed and built some pavilions along the way. When it rains, it can be avoided in the pavilion. Although the pavilion is good, there is always a lot of inconvenience, and in the spring the baby faces, changes in three changes on one day, and thunderstorms in summer. When it comes to the arrival, even the "thunderbolt" is not enough. Yun’s whim, “It would be nice if you had a small pavilion with you.” Lu Ban heard the words of his wife and made it open. This powerful, omnipotent Chinese invention king, according to the pavilion's appearance, cut a piece of cloth, placed it on the skeleton of the action, and put it on the handle. So the world's first "umbrella" came out like this. According to the records of “Yu Yu Zhi,” Umbrellas were invented by Luban’s daughter-in-law for her husband who was concerned about working all day. It seems that to apply for a patent, it is still more reasonable for the Lubans and the couple to share. The invention of this umbrella is the product of their husbands and wives' love and mutual concern.